"Since I started my own business...
I've Banked Around


Working Just
a few hours Each Week,
Using A
Specific Formula That
was until recently one of my most

I've Decided To Share This System, Because I Believe It Can Enable YOU To Have Virtually Anything In Life That YOU Have Personally Ever Wanted ...

And to prove it, I'm prepared to let you
try it out for yourself ..



My name is Tim Lowe. As you may well be aware, I run a highly successful small business that can be copied using nothing more than a laptop computer and a phone ... yet year after year after year brings in tens of thousands of pounds ... every single month.

And with your permission I'd like to share the strategy that has enabled me to multiply my income , time and time again since I began using it.

But first you should know that this is not a business opportunity ... It is not a 'get rich quick' scheme. In fact, I discovered this few years ago, but I've been using it ever since. The RESULTS HAVE BEEN SO AMAZING that I really want you to be able to try this out for yourself ...


What I'm talking about is the exact same information that was given to me ... a step by step 'blueprint' if you like, that has enabled me to make MASSIVE improvements to my lifestyle, and at the same time, has given me the ability to generate more profits than even I thought were possible!

This is no hype, no fluff, no empty promise, but simply the MOST EXCITING SYSTEM for wealth creation that I have ever come across.

And for a limited time you can trial it for VIRTUALLY NO RISK WHATSOEVER so that you can see what this very same system can do for YOU!

Sounds too good to be true?

I know you're probably thinking, "here we go again, I've heard it all before ... untold riches, happiness, health, wealth, whatever, where's the catch?"

Don't worry, I totally understand how you feel. I've been there myself and to be honest, when I was first presented with this information, I felt the same way.

But as you read on, you'll soon discover that there is no catch, and this material can genuinely take you from where you are now, to where you truly want to be ... and the best thing is, when you start using it ... YOU CAN SEE RESULTS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!

However it's not just about the money. Although my income has improved beyond my wildest dreams, I now have so much more time to enjoy it. I am free to pursue my many leisure activities as and when I feel like it ... whether it be mid-week cruising aboard my favourite yacht ... or scuba diving in the warm waters of Cyprus ... I can quite literally do whatever I want, whenever I choose to do it!

Not only that, I am totally free of stress and no longer get uptight, because my lifestyle is just so relaxed. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that I never have to worry about how I am going to pay the bills or find the money for any unexpected expenses again - ever!

What it effectively comes down to, is that I now have a whole new outlook to enjoy the finer things in life ... THINGS THAT ONLY THE FREEDOM OF TRUE WEALTH CAN BRING!

Back in 1998, I struggled to get my own business started and some years later, after abandoning my early efforts and trying all manner of daft schemes, I had eventually managed to find a way to bring in around 15,000 per month. Like most people would be, at that point I was busy patting myself on the back thinking I was doing really rather nicely. To be frank, I couldn't believe my luck!

That is, until I came across this programme that has truly changed my life, and not only changed it, but has helped to explode my income, allowing me to bank  3,361,123.21 during one year alone!

And it is this programme that I'd like to share with you now ... It'll only take a few minutes of your time, and I guarantee that it will be the most worthwhile few minutes that you have ever spent ...

OK ... WHAT IF I could introduce you to a system that would allow YOU to ...

A great day! Enjoying the countryside in my Supercharged Range Rover...

Walk into any car dealer and buy any vehicle that you fancy?

Would it be a sporty Porsche 911 Turbo or how about a Bentley Azure?

For me it was originally a Long Wheel Base Jaguar. Since then of course I've upgraded to a 100k Range Rover and a Jaguar 'F' Type convertible for sunny days!

WHAT IF... you could walk in to any travel agent and book the most expensive holiday as and when you felt like it? Would you choose a luxury Caribbean cruise or a waterside bungalow on an exclusive beach in the Seychelles?


You could take exotic holidays whenever
and wherever you want ...

Maybe you'd do both. Why not? When you have time, money and MUCH more enthusiasm, you'd be surprised how easily you can get used to taking these kind of trips!

WHAT IF you could have so much time away from work ... in fact, what if you could effectively give up work ... forever? After all, if you're never there, is it really work anyway?

How would that make you feel?



Would you choose a 7-bed luxury holiday home in the South of France?

Maybe your thing is a million pound house or luxury holiday home ...

... one with a beautiful built in swimming pool in front of an extended sun terrace ... all paid for in CASH!

Now what would you do if you could have all this as well as the money and FREEDOM to spend as you please?

  • Become a member of an exclusive private golf club, or even enjoy a round at some of the world's best golf courses? Imagine strolling down the eighteenth at St Andrews or lining up a putt on the lush greens of Augusta ... that would be something, wouldn't it?

  • Would you spend time cruising around the warm clear waters of the Mediterranean whilst sipping ice cold champagne at the helm of your own sixty foot Sunseeker motor yacht ... all fully decked out with plush white leather seating and luxury cabins fitted with beautiful walnut furniture?

  • Maybe you'd simply want to pamper yourself by taking luxury weekend breaks at some of the best health resort / spas in the country. While everyone around you is struggling to pay their mortgage and the ever increasing cost of living, you could be enjoying a healthy breakfast in beautifully manicured gardens, after having taken a gentle morning swim in a luxurious indoor swimming pool.

Imagine all this AND a wallet stuffed FULL OF CASH with a bank balance so healthy that you never need worry about it again?

  • You could fly FIRST CLASS across the Atlantic to see a musical on Broadway in New York and then revel in the Manhattan skyline from one of the luxury rooms in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel? Of course, if you'd prefer something a little closer to home, you could always be chauffeur driven to the West End of London, in a stretched limousine where you take in a show and watch it from the best seats in the house!

  • How about taking the kids to Disneyland, Paris ... and staying in the Disneyland Hotel right in the heart of the resort itself? The palatial Cinderella Suite, complete with it's own whirlpool and king size beds, is a lovely place to relax after spending a wonderful day using your special VIP passes which take you directly into the park from your own private lift and then straight to the front of any queue.

Still sounds too good to be true?

I don't blame you for being sceptical. But I really believe that this can be reality for ANYONE WHO TRULY WANTS THESE THINGS ... after all THIS IS THE LIFESTYLE THAT I NOW LEAD ... and I put it all down to the system that I can't wait to share with you.

However it hasn't always been like this. Up until a few years ago I still had ... so I thought ... a fantastic life. After all, my little web-ads business was bringing me in a really comfortable 15,000 - 25,000 per month.

By most people's standards, that is nothing to sneeze at ...

... but it wasn't until I discovered what I'm about to reveal to you, that my business now turns over over 1M year after year after year....

Now before we go any further, please don't think I am telling you about my income to 'show off' or brag or anything of that nature, on the contrary, I hope you will already know that this is not my style.

You see, my whole business has been built around HELPING OTHERS TO ACHIEVE the same kind of success that I've been fortunate enough to acquire for myself. And with that kind of success comes great wealth in all sorts of forms and I'm not just talking financially.

However, since I started following the steps in the system ... I found myself asking the question "why am I able to make so much money from a ridiculously simple little online business ... so simple in fact that virtually anyone SHOULD be able to copy it ... yet so few people actually do?"

What makes me any different?

What is it that allows me to generate the kind of income that enables me to have everything in my life that I want ... yet other people don't ever achieve a fraction of their life's desires?

Believe me I have no special skills or abilities but I genuinely live the kind of lifestyle that 97% of people only ever dream about!

Well, the truth is, all I did was follow a formula that made it almost effortless and has been used by those 'in the know' for decades. In fact, we all have the potential to achieve virtually anything, if only we know that 'formula' ... I've just been lucky enough to realize this ... and it has enabled me to follow a path which meant that I was virtually guaranteed a level of wealth and contentment that only a few years ago, I just would not have even dreamed was possible ... But that's only half the story.

The experience of the last few years has made me understand that there was just so much I had been missing ...


Because of what I have discovered, I really believe I can help YOU achieve virtually anything in life that you have ever dreamed of. A bold statement, I know, but with the power of what this has done for me already ... I know this material will help anyone who truly embraces it.

Of course, for you, it may not be a brand new Range Rover, or a 10 berth mega-yacht or even a 7-bed detached property in the country.

Maybe you're not interested in having the latest home gymnasium or you don't want a large indoor swimming pool with an attached sauna room ...

For many, these are just material things ... certainly I love to have the luxury items ... I'm only too aware that these sort of things aren't for everybody.

But what if it were really possible to have whatever YOU wanted?

  • Would you choose more quality time to spend on days out with the family?
  • More freedom perhaps so that you can get up whenever you felt like it, and only then decide how you wish to spend the rest of your day?
  • Maybe you'd just like to feel more secure – when all the bills are taken care of, you'll be surprised at just how relaxed that can make you feel.
  • Would you like to be more confident?
  • Have more success with the opposite sex?
  • Perhaps you'd just like to be able to send the kids to the best private schools or pay their university fees without fear of debt.
  • And of course, you are allowed to want more money ... because along with a healthy bank balance comes the freedom to make a lot of choices which allow you to change those aspects of your life that are holding you back.

Whatever it is that you dream about, the system that I'm about to reveal will let you have it all and a whole lot more.

You could take a winetasting trip to Australia in January - it certainly beats the cold and wet of the UK!

Just imagine for a moment - in fact picture yourself in this photo. Of course that's me on a wine tasting tour of Australia (sorry about the shirt by the way...) but it could so easily be you.

Imagine if you could take time off whenever you felt like it - for example, you could take a Christmas shopping trip to NEW YORK each year - and then not have to worry about the bill when you get back!


The luxury private cabins aboard the new Singapore Airlines Airbus A380.



You could of course go there on the new Airbus A380 ... did you know that nowadays you can even have your own private cabin ... one of only a dozen luxury suites where you can relax and enjoy the comfort of a full length bed ... or while away the hours in front of the latest cinematic style in-flight entertainment system?

Christmas shopping on New York's 5th Avenue is a wonderful experience – here's me outside the Trump Tower shortly before dissappearing under a mountain of shopping...

You could go there for Christmas, in fact you could choose to have an overseas holiday whenever you wanted...as many times a year as you wanted ... all of which you'll fly FIRST CLASS of course ...

While others are tied to a desk or stuck in a traffic jam, it's a really nice feeling to know that you're making a decent profit, even when you're out of the country.

Okay, I hope by now you're getting really excited ... you certainly should be ... I'm about to show you how it gets even better ...

 By the way, just before I reveal what's on offer here, I just need to say that all the figures that I have quoted about my income over the last few years are absolutely genuine. Every single penny that I make can be verified and proof is held on file.

Anyway, in a few moments, I'd like to introduce you to someone who I believe can have a huge, positive impact on your life ...


Because it's actually his system of wealth creation that has enabled me to multiply my annual income by over eleven times!

With his methods you'll soon realize that you genuinely can have virtually anything in life that you have ever wanted ... I'm not talking about going to the moon or anything silly like that ... but realistic tangible desires that are already there for the taking.

And it's not just about money, but real wealth in all aspects of life ... whether you want happiness and contentment because everything around you is just as you'd like it, or you want to be a MILLIONAIRE and live your life COMPLETELY DEBT FREE ... NO MORTGAGE ... LOANS ... and knowing that you will NEVER owe anything to anyone ever again!

This is just the most exciting opportunity and I truly believe that your dream lifestyle has never been so close to becoming reality. This system can truly make it happen ... IT DID FOR ME AND I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT WORKS.

However, although I know it works, I'm also ashamed to tell you that when it was first presented to me, I did absolutely nothing with it. In fact I didn't even look at it.

Of course, at the time I was bringing in 15,000 - 25,000 per month. What more could I want?

I already had the new car, several foreign holidays each year, I'd paid off all my debts and was living, what I felt was a really comfortable existence. No one could tell me how to achieve any more.

Or so I thought ...

But Kwik-fit, ABN Amro, and Nat West Bank can't all be wrong!

...then along came Mark Layder!

Although he was already highly regarded by many major organisations such as Kwik-Fit Holdings, The National Westminster Bank, and ABN Amro Bank, when Mark sent me an email suggesting a meeting that could be mutually beneficial ... to be quite frank, I simply ignored it.

This was in the early days of my business, and even back then, I used to get hundreds of emails.

However, Mark was persistent and eventually, I agreed to meet him for a coffee.

Now at this time, I didn't even know what he was all about, but as I'm always open to new possibilities, I thought that I might as well listen to what he had to say.

Well, at the meeting he suggested that I might like to try out a programme that he had developed a few years earlier... a success formula that over 15,000 people were already benefiting from ... and that maybe, once I had proven to myself that it worked, I'd like to introduce it to my customers as well.

He told me of his unique system and how he claimed it would improve my business tenfold... and not only my business, but all aspects of my personal life as well.

Of course, I had instant visions of another one of those crackpot self-help systems ... you know the stuff ... walking on coals, breaking boards Bruce Lee style, or jumping up and shouting hallelujah!

Here was a really nice ordinary chap ... not only instantly likeable ... but energetic, generous, and at the same time, not in the slightest bit pretentious or eccentric, trying to persuade me ... and don't forget I thought I already had everything ... to try out techniques that, to be quite honest, I assumed would be plain silly!

Out of courtesy, I took Mark's material and went on my way.

For the next several years, it just sat there gathering dust on one of my little office shelves, and despite Mark staying in touch (in fact, he is now one of my closest personal friends), I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even bother looking at it.

Of course, Mark kept ribbing me about how much better a businessman I'd be, if I'd only try out his techniques. But as I've already said, I thought I was really doing rather well.

My bank balance was healthier than it had ever been ... and by the way, if you don't know already, I had previously come from a corporate life where, although I had a company car and an acceptable salary, I still had plenty of stress, a boss and constant deadlines, etc ... (I won't bore you with the details as they're all freely available elsewhere).

But jump forward a few years, and here I was making 15,000 - 25,000 per month from my simple little home based web ads business, quite happily thinking I'd put all that behind me.

You know, even with this sort of idyllic working environment, little problems were slowly creeping in.

I found myself starting new projects only to never finish them - I'd neglect my growing list of potential customers, not because I wanted to, but simply because I was starting to suffer from a severe lack of time.

I was working longer hours than I'd been only a few years ago, trying to juggle this small problem, with that little niggle. And although I didn't realize it, I was slowly creeping back into my old ways. Now at that time I was pushing 40, and whereas I wanted to be off enjoying myself, I couldn't always get away. I also began to notice more and more things around me weren't running as smoothly any more.

Something had to change and in that irrational manner that we're all capable of, I decided to make my life better by taking drastic action ... I HAD A CLEAR OUT!!!

In the vain hope that a little more space would solve all my problems (we do have some strange ideas sometimes, don't we?), I proceeded to get rid of a load of old programmes that, to be quite frank, I should have either looked at or thrown out long ago.

Anyway, it was during this mad 'house keeping' session that I once again came across the material which Mark Layder had given me a few years earlier.

Now, I don't know what it was ... maybe I was ready - maybe I just felt plain guilty that I hadn't even looked at it, it's not really that important ... but, I decided to read it and see if there was anything I could make use of.

And I know this sounds a bit of a cliche now but ...

I had been completely wrong with my pre-conceived ideas about fire walking, board smashing or shouting and waving your arms about!

There was absolutely nothing of the sort. What I had in my hands was a genuinely useful system that I could instantly benefit from as soon as I put it into action.

Here was a unique formula that was broken down into a structured series of twelve simple steps, each containing a number of interactive exercises that had been cleverly designed to have the maximum effect in improving performance in all aspects of life. I could see immediately how this would yield incredible results when I applied it to my business!

In fact, by the time I'd finished the first step, I knew that for several years I'd already been sitting on the answer...I now knew how I could take my income to the next level AND ...

  • GAIN MORE TIME so that I was free to spend it on the things I love doing ... whether that be sailing, taking more holidays or just dining out with my wife Joanne.

  • GAIN MORE FINANCIAL FREEDOM that would enable me to have those things that were previously JUST out of reach...

  • I'D BE MORE RELAXED because I could see how to eliminate so much unnecessary baggage from my life... that really shouldn't be that important but somehow was!


And it is this first part of the formula that I'm now in a position to pass on to you ...

Mark's material turned the traditional idea of work on its head, and I began to remember what I had previously been teaching others ... that the age-old concept of working hard does not pay ... well, proportionally that is!

I'd known for some time that the true secret to any kind of success ... whether it be personal or financial ... does not involve working harder or putting in longer hours. Yet, here I was falling in to the same old trap as everybody else ... the one thing I always preached that I would never do.

However, as I went through the steps in Mark's programme, I realized that he could teach me some things that I'd never even considered before ...

Now don't misunderstand me, I've read and studied many publications in the past, self-development stuff that's meant to help you, and it has to be said that they virtually all contain at least something that is useful.

But Mark's methods were truly different. Whereas, I'd been cynical before ... I now couldn't wait to see how this system was going to change the way I did things forever ...

Amazingly, after just a few more sessions I began to see dramatic improvements in literally every aspect of my life ...

I was suddenly happier, had more energy and more enthusiasm ... but above all I started to see where I could improve upon my business.

I started shaving hours off my working day yet getting so much more done.

Not just the boring stuff ... you know the banking, admin, accounts, etc ... but everything ... from creating better product offers to fulfiling the increasing demand of my growing list of satisfied customers ... to coming up with brilliant, new and innovative marketing ideas.

And I was doing all this without taking any risks ... I didn't have to borrow anything ... I didn't need any special equipment ... but my whole business was becoming much more efficient ... more streamlined and every aspect of it was just so much more effective.

Suddenly, I was able to find the answers to questions that had always bothered me ... and find solutions to problems almost immediately ... In fact, all of a sudden, everything just seemed so easy!

It was a real eye-opener for me, especially when I found that I could maintain my already comfortable income by considerably reducing my hours and working far less.

I couldn't quite believe it but then a strange thing happened ...

As I continued using Mark's strategies, without me even realising it ...


Now don't get me wrong, it was already at a very comfortable 15,000 - 25,000 per month and for the most part I was pretty happy ...

But just think how much happier I became when I found that I was seeing even bigger numbers going in ...


I think that's enough to excite most people, but I was absolutely ecstatic.

Naturally, it wasn't long before I sheepishly telephoned Mark to tell him of the changes I'd experienced, and as it turns out he already knew that this was going to happen!

Of course, why shouldn't he? His services were already so much in demand and were being sought out by many high profile and very prestigious clients.

For example, he told me that he'd been working with Bristol City Football Club and during the time that he'd spent with them, they had been promoted from League Division One to the Championship League. In fact, it turns out that while he was working with them they got to the point of only being one win away from moving up to the Premiership...

His list of high profile clients was incredible ...

And it wasn't just High Street banks and a “soon to be prestigious” football club. Here's what a few of his other clients had to say ...

"I support your activities and I read your materials from cover to cover"

Sir Tom Farmer, Chairman, Kwik-Fit Holdings

"Your work is the finest inter-personal dynamics training in the world today … I mean it!"

Gerry Murphy, First National Building Society

"Mark is a born teacher who has the gift of coaching you on how you can succeed in the Game of life. I urge you to spend time with Mark"

Alexander Everett, Author, Speaker and Creator of ‘Mind Dynamics'

"Mark ... YOUR WORK IS DIFFERENT ... truly unique. I've never got so much value out of any other 12 (strategies)... Thanks!"

Life Plus University Delegate

"Here is a precious roadmap to a better life, a map that will guide you to success and happinesss and wealth you never dreamed possible. Isn't it about time you invested in Yourself?"

Og Mandino, Author of the World's No.1 self improvement book and former editor of the US Success Magazine

"My form's never been better. We've worked together for 8 games so far and I've been ‘Man of the Match' in 5 of them"

Andy Johnson, Professional Footballer


There are dozens more where these came from, but you get the picture.

Suddenly it dawned on me ...
This was the reason that many of my own customers
were not achieving my level of success!

Even though my business model had been so simple ... when I started using this material for myself, it hit me like a "ten ton truck" ...

THIS WAS THE REASON why many of my own customers were not achieving the kind of results that should be so easy to achieve. After all, if some were deliriously happy and were making fantastic returns ... why weren't they all?

There and then, I knew I had the answer ...

Luckily for me, Mark hadn't held any bad feelings over my stubborn refusal to embrace his techniques in those early days, and it wasn't long before my business brain kicked back in.

I knew I had to share this with as many of my customers as possible, so we started discussing various ways to do this, and that's when we came up with the idea of effectively a...

I knew his system was the perfect complement to my business and the products that I offered. It was only natural that I NEEDED my customers to have it.

Unfortunately, I also knew that many people would be sceptical about it. After all, if it was so good why wasn't anybody else teaching this stuff already? A fair question, and one I have to admit, I still have to ask regularly. But the truth is ...


MARK'S SYSTEM IS TOTALLY UNIQUE. And I think this is why it's had such an impact on me.

It's NOT full of those embarrassing techniques like jumping up and down and waving your arms in the air. It's NOT full of hot air and dry theory that some crackpot has decided will work for everybody.

Absolutely none of it. The process involves clear, tangible procedures – a series of interactive exercises laid out in a simple step by step format - all designed to be studied and then applied in the comfort of your own home.

There are NO classes to attend ... NO expensive training days to pay for ... NO workshops to go to ... just a straightforward, practical programme that will GENUINELY get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Look, I'm living proof – I gained more time ... I gained more financial freedom ... I became more relaxed ... and earned even more than ever ... what more can I say?

Now, I know I've been rambling on, and you're itching to know what this is all about ... excuse my enthusiasm, but I'm genuinely excited by the fantastic results I've had from using the system ... so I think it's about time to give you a little preview of some of the things you'll learn (as I did) from this material ...

As well as all the exercises, here's a sample of what else you'll discover ...

  • You've heard of the saying 'Success Breeds Success' ... Now you can learn how to be successful before you even start ... even if you're broke at the time!
  • Why the process of booking a holiday can lead you to possibly THE most important lesson for getting anything you've ever wanted in life ...
  • An often overlooked method that shows you how to MAKE MONEY from an insurance premium!
  • The principles of P.O.W.E.R days – and why you need to have at least five in a row
  • How a used train ticket can hold the key to your financial future
  • The secrets of a billion dollar attitude – Something that Bill Gates knows but you almost certainly don't know ... yet!
  • Psychological tactics that will allow even the most lethargic layabout to achieve fantastic results in no time
  • Two simple rules to live your life by – follow these and it will be virtually impossible to fail at anything!
  • Believe it or not there is something you can learn from dolphins that will explode your productivity – no matter what it is you're doing!
  • A few simple procedures that are used by nearly ALL MILLIONAIRES and even BILLIONAIRES to create their wealth ... it only takes a few minutes and virtually ANYONE can do it!
  • How to get other people to willingly help you complete the tasks needed to get you to where you want to be – millionaire entrepreneurs are exceptionally good at this

This is just a tiny fraction of what is covered in the programme, but I can tell you now, even if you learn from just some of these steps, you'll instantly turn YOURSELF into a highly effective, stress-free, ultra-fulfilled, cash generating, and much more satisfied individual who will immediately become part of an elite group of highly effective people.

Now understandably, you're probably thinking that Mark's information would cost a small fortune ...

... and of course you'd be right. After all, anyone who includes in his list of satisfied clients, prestigious organisations such as First National Building Society, Crestcom International, Derby University, Nat West Bank, ABN Amro Bank and Bristol City Football Club ... as well as countless professional sportsmen and women, actors, business people ... well, he's not going to be cheap is he?

Not normally!

In fact, he generally charges upwards of 430 an hour for his personal coaching services ... and believe me, no one pays that kind of money, unless they're going to see fantastic results.

However, I've struck a deal with Mark that enables me to offer his system, which he has released as a 12-part interactive home study programme at A TINY FRACTION OF ITS TRUE VALUE.

And for a limited time (I'll tell you why it's limited in a short while), you have the chance to sample the first part of this unique Home Study Programme, which Mark has entitled the 'SuperYou' system for just one single pound ...



Thereafter you'll be invited ... though not obligated ... to pay a small monthly subscription at a fraction of the usual cost for the remaining 11 modules.

Of course, in the highly unlikely event you don't feel you're getting anything out of the course, you'll be free to cancel your subscription at any time ...

But to be honest, I can virtually guarantee that ... YOU'LL BE SO INSPIRED ... SO ENTHUSED ... SO ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED by what you'll discover, that you'll be staring anxiously at the letterbox every month, waiting for the next package to drop on to your door mat!

OK so how much is it going to cost?

As I said, the first part is just 1 and all you pay for the remaining 11 modules is just 29.95 a month, which of course you are free to stop at any time, if for any reason you are no longer getting any benefit. There'd be no questions asked and no explanation needed.

Oh and by the way, postage and packing is included, so you can rest assured that there is nothing else to pay.

Not only does this offer fantastic value for a system that will truly change your life, that will make you happier ... more fulfilled ... give you more time ... more freedom ... and a whole lot more wealth ...

BUT ... there's something else ...

Also included in the package is ...

12 months personal support from Mark Layder himself AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

For as long as you remain a subscriber, Mark is promising to give you direct and personal access to himself via his dedicated support desk. If at any stage you feel out of your depth, or you need any help or advice whatsoever, simply contact him and he'll get back to you in no time.

Don't forget this man usually charges 430 PER HOUR, and YOU'LL BE GETTING THIS WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY EXTRA!

I think you'll agree that what's on offer here represents outstanding value, but it doesn't stop there ...


Pay only 1 to get started!

To begin your trial subscription ...
Click The Button Below Now!


You'll appreciate there are only so many people Mark can work with by giving his personal support, so this offer will close as soon as he feels he cannot provide the proper attention to those who have already joined.

However, this programme is so powerful, and I truly don't want you to miss out, so I'm going to give you an even bigger incentive to at least try it out ...

If you take up the offer to join the programme within the next 48 hours ... don't forget it's ONLY 1 to trial the first month and you can cancel at anytime thereafter ... Mark and I have put together an exclusive pack of supplementary training materials that you will also receive completely free of charge ...



'The 12 Essential Steps to Getting Whatever You Want in Life' ... FREE 12-part DVD programme (a 228 value)

When I was going through the programme myself, there were oftentimes when I really wanted to ask Mark WHY he was recommending certain things, or how I would really benefit from doing this thing or that? These questions intrigued me, so I decided to ask them. I had the whole process filmed and put on to DVD.

With each month's module, you will also receive one of these boxed DVD's, each one lasting around 60 minutes, and packed full of clear explanations regarding the steps within that particular module.

Plus, you'll also discover a fascinating insight into the way a multimillionaire thinks about problems ... I prefer to call them challenges ... something I've never even revealed to anyone around me before ... not to my closest friends, not to my colleagues ... and not even to most of my family for that matter.



Coach's Corner (a value 9.97)

This originated as six sessions from Mark Layder's phenomenally successful PACE programme that were all condensed down into an easy to follow short book that was sold for 9.97.

It's provided to you free of charge on Mark's private support desk.



The Precision Perspective Report (value priceless!)

Most people cannot find their way past the obstacles that life throws at them, yet there are little known, yet simple techniques that can enable anyone to skip over them as if they had never occurred.

The Precision Perspective Report will enable you to think in a way that will always have you ready to hit the ground running!


I guarantee that you have nothing to lose to try this system for yourself ...

As I said it's ONLY 1 for the first month, and if after that, you feel at any stage that you are not receiving the benefit from this incredible Home Study Programme ... you can cancel your subscription at any time.

In other words, you don't have to make up your mind now. You can take a test drive so to speak. You can find out whether this programme is for you and ...

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